Student Services

Student Success Center


The mission of the Student Success Center (SSC) at Judson University is to assist students in achieving their academic, personal, and professional goals. The SSC provides an integrated approach, combining curricular and co-curricular experiences to serve students through a variety of personalized and structured resources. These services help students embrace their potential to be effective ambassadors for Christ.


The goal of the Student Success Center at Judson University is to provide resources designed to:

  • Support the academic mission of the institution
  • Encourage the student to identify and attain personal goals
  • Assist the student to identify and attain personal goals


  • Provide a welcoming and supportive environment
  • Reinforce student learning through:
    • Writing resources
    • Individual and group peer tutoring
    • Identifying learning skills
    • English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring
  • Academic advising services
  • Identification and management of disabilities - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Mentoring and coaching related to academic and personal needs
  • Web based resources for resume writing
  • Internship assistance
  • Academic Success Program
  • Career Coaching

The mission, goals and strategies of the Success Center empower students to take responsibility and control of their academic progress based on their personal level of development and maturity. Students will be encouraged to reach their full potential by mastering the skills necessary to achieve their goals.

Academic Advising

Every student at Judson is assigned an Academic Advisor. This individual assists students in establishing their educational plan for completing their degree, and is available to answer questions regarding courses and academic goals. Students can find information about their advisor at the top of Student Info tab in MyJudson (log in is required).

Orientation Course

Students who enter Judson's traditional undergraduate programs with less than 28 college credits enroll in GEN101 Questions of Life: Entering the Judson Conversation (1 c.h.), which introduces students to the Christian liberal arts tradition that is the foundation for a Judson University education. Students will trace the contours of what it means to be human from four perspectives:

  1. love;
  2. suffering;
  3. community; and
  4. the good life.

Every non-traditional undergraduate student takes an orientation course which enables them to identify the academic, professional, and personal skills they bring to their learning experience and to integrate a rich variety of strategies and tools for lifelong learning in all aspects of their lives. Students also have the opportunity to identify resources and establish a strong academic plan for their educational journey at Judson University.

Wellness Center

The Judson University Wellness Center includes Health Services and Counseling Services. The Wellness Center is located in the University Center and is open to students during the traditional academic year. More information about available services and hours of operation can be found on the Wellness Center Site.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, a moment where there is an immediate danger to yourself or someone else (due to suicidal/homicidal ideations or urges to self-harm), and the Wellness Center is closed, dial 9-1-1, or please contact campus safety at 847-628-2500 extension #9999.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, a matter of life or death, call 9-1-1, contact campus safety at 847-628-2500 extension #9999, or visit the nearest emergency room. Emergency contacts will be notified in case of serious illness or accident.

Counseling Center

Counseling Services includes an initial assessment to determine how our counselors can assist you achieve your goals, individual counseling, non-clinical consultation services, and referrals to local providers. Counseling services also provides therapeutic support groups which are free to the students.

Every student is allowed one free counseling session. The cost of subsequent sessions will be determined based on your health insurance benefits for mental health, and/or your decision to pay for services out-of-pocket. Click here for frequently asked questions regarding health insurance. If you decide to pay for sessions out-of-pocket, you will be charged $35 per session. Students may charge these sessions to their student account.

To complete a counseling request form to initiate services, complete the online counseling request form. Counseling services are provided during traditional fall and spring semesters. Please click here for considerations when receiving services off campus. For general inquiries, email or call extension #2464.

Health Center

The Health Services Department is under the coordination of the Campus Health Coordinator and offers emergent care through a paramedicine approach. EMS staff provide care on a walk-in basis or in response to emergencies when summoned by Campus Safety. Students are never charged for office visits or emergency response.

The Campus Health Coordinator also assists students in coordinating care with local health organizations and helps students navigate any questions they may have about their insurance. Questions regarding health-related concerns or insurance issues can be sent to

Student Medical Documents

Before entering Judson University, traditional undergraduate students are required to submit proof of state required immunizations as well as insurance information. We do not require pre-entrance physical examinations for most students. Please note that the Judson Athletics Department and the RISE Program still mandate these documents as part of their requirements to participate in these programs.

Immunization records are required for students to attend a post-secondary education per Illinois state law effective August 5th, 2016. These records must be provided by all incoming traditional undergraduate students prior to the start of the semester. The student will not be allowed to attend classes if records are not on file with Health Services or are incomplete 10 days after the start of the semester. These records can be uploaded through the MyJudson portal under the Counseling/Health tab. Health forms and medical records are maintained by the Health Services Department for ten years from graduation.

The following immunizations are required by the state to attend:

  • 2 MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) immunizations given separately after one year of age and after December 31, 1967; students born before 1957 are exempt from this requirement
  • A combination of 3 shots for Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (DTP/Dtap/Td or Tdap); one of the three must be the Tdap immunization and must have been administered within the last ten years
  • 1 Meningococcal conjugate (Meningitis) vaccine for students 21 and younger; a second vaccine is required is the vaccination was given before age 16

Medical Insurance is also required of ALL traditional undergraduate students, who are automatically enrolled in the Judson University Student Health Insurance plan upon beginning their first semester and every semester they are enrolled in thereafter. There is a cost for the insurance, and this will automatically be charged to the student account. Students not interested in enrolling in Judson's insurance must submit an online insurance waiver and proof of their own insurance through Wellfleet Insurance's website. This external site can be access on the Health Services page of MyJudson. If a waiver is denied for any reason, the student will be enrolled in the student insurance plan after the tenth day of school. Any appeals needed for denied waiver process are being managed by third party administrator Wellfleet insurance and will need to be filed directly to them.

Illness/Injury Out-of-Class Expectation

If a student requests to be out of class due to either a sports injury or for a medical reason, Health Services requires a physician's note as documentation to include diagnosis, time of out class needed, date and physician's signature. All documents should be emailed to Once this information from the student is received, Health Services will internally notify faculty of the student's status. The student is responsible for communicating with faculty to manage any classwork missed. If there are questions about accommodations related to a disability or need, students should contact the ADA/504 Compliance Officer at


Chapel is an integral part of the Judson University experience, and is required of all traditional undergraduate students. Chapels normally run from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Typical chapel content ranges from scriptural exegesis to issue-oriented presentations to mini-concerts by guest artists to student-led praise and worship services. The wide range is implemented so that the name of Jesus will be magnified and so the body of Christ as represented by the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Judson might be inspired to love Jesus more passionately, encouraged to trust Him more completely, and challenged to serve Him more faithfully.

Students who are full-time need to attend 25 chapels per semester in order to pass the chapel component of their Judson University curriculum. Students who do not meet this criterion receive a failing mark for the semester. Questions regarding chapel policies may be directed to the Chapel Office, ext. 1570.

Non-traditional and graduate students are invited to attend in-person chapels, but not required to participate. Virtual resources, including monthly devotions, are also available on the MyJudson website.


Intercollegiate Athletics

are recognized as integral parts of the traditional student's educational experience. The men's athletic program offers soccer, basketball, baseball, cross country, track and field, golf, tennis, bowling, volleyball and football. The women's athletic program offers soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, cross country, track and field, golf, bowling, tennis and cheerleading. Judson is a member of the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), and the National Christian University Athletic Association (NCCAA).

All students are invited to join Judson's Blue Crew and attend athletic events.


The Student Life staff administer the intramural athletic program. The program is designed to invite the participation of everyone in the campus community. Competition includes faculty, staff, and students, sometimes on a coeducational basis.


The Benjamin P. Browne Library, named for the founding president of Judson University, is located in the Harm A. Weber Academic Center. The library contains 115,000 volumes (30,000 in micro-form), 9,000 musical scores, 11,000 recordings and current subscriptions to 150 print journals, periodicals and newspapers.

Special collections include:

  • the Stuart Ryder Gertrude Stein Collection
  • the Donald G. Peterson Collection of Baptist History and Missions
  • the Charles and Gail Dover Collection of Children's and Young Adult Literature
  • the Edmonson Collection of Contemporary Christian Music recordings (one of the largest in the country)
  • the Schofield Music Collection of scores, and
  • two collections on microfiche:
    • the Library of American Civilization and
    • the Library of English Literature.

Judson is one of 95 libraries included in I-Share, an online catalog of the holdings of all state universities and many private colleges and universities in Illinois. Judson students can request materials from inter-library loans from I-Share libraries, and through Primo, a computer network with over 100 million titles in libraries worldwide.

The library provides access to an array of online electronic resources, including journal indexes, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and some 40,000 journals in full-text format. Judson students and faculty can access these resources both on-and off-campus, through the One Search Portal. Resources are provided in all subject areas, though the specific resources provided may vary somewhat from year to year.

The Benjamin P. Browne Library provides computers for student use around the light well of the second and third levels. In addition, the computer classroom contains 20 computers that are available for student use when not being used for a class.

Other services include meeting rooms on the second and third levels, a copier/printer (black & white and color), and fax service. The librarians and library staff are available to help with research. Librarians give instruction in research methods to classes and to individuals.


In addition to those available in the Browne Library, students may access computer facilities in Creekside South and in the Student Success Center in Lindner Tower. When not in use by classes, students may also access two additional computer labs in Lindner Tower. All computers are connected to the Internet and offer a variety of software, including Microsoft Office Suite. Students may not load personal software onto the computers and should keep their work saved on a flash drive, since folders are regularly purged.


The mission of Judson University Campus Safety is to protect and serve the student body, faculty, staff, and guests of Judson University. Officers are on duty 24 hours a day. Officers are trained in First Aid and CPR, as they are the officially designated campus Medical First Responders.


All vehicles parked or operated on campus must be registered with the Campus Safety Office within one week of being brought on campus. Proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license are required for registration, and all registration fees are charged directly to Student Accounts. Vehicles not registered by this deadline are subject to penalties including use of a tire “boot” and a fine. “Booted” vehicles not registered within 14 days are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Registered vehicles are assigned parking permits that correspond to designated lots on campus. Campus Safety enforces parking rules and policies with the issuance of parking citations and fines. Vehicles that have received five parking citations within the same semester are subject to towing on the next offense.

Complete vehicle rules and regulations may be found on the Campus Safety website.