Master of Business Administration - Informatics Finances


MBA - Business Informatics

Payment in Full Due

  • August 1 - Fall Semester 
  • January 1 - Spring Semester 
  • May 1 - Summer Semester 

For payment information, see the Financial Information page of the catalog.


Program Cost
MBA-I Graduate Program, per credit hour $550

Academic and Banking Fees

Item Fee
Payment Plan fee (Judson Payment Plan), per semester $60
Late Payment Fee, per semester $150
NSF Check Fee or rejected payment per bank
Rejected Online Electronic Check Fee per bank
Add/Drop Course Fee, per transaction $30
Graduation Fee1 (cap, gown, master's degree hood, diploma and other commencement expenses) $125
Diploma Replacement Fee $25

The Graduation Fee must be paid regardless of whether the student plans to participate in the formal commencement ceremony.

Standard Fees

Item Fee
Motor Vehicle Registration Fee, per semester $60
Fine for not registering vehicle, per semester $100
Handicapped Zone Fine $350
I.D. replacement fee $25
Smoking fine, each incident $100

New Student Fees

Item Fee
Application Fee $200



  • Refund - a credit entered on a student's account to reduce the amount of charges
  • Week - a calendar week
  • Drop - refers to cancellation of registration for individual classes
  • Withdrawal - refers to cancellation of registration to all classes for a term or multiple terms

Tuition Refund Insurance

An optional insurance program is available to help refund student tuition, fees, and room/board charges, up to the annual policy limits, if you unable to complete the semester. This insurance program complements and enhances our school's refund policy and we believe families will benefit from this added protection. Visit GradGuard for additional information.

Dropping Courses From Within the Academic Term

If a student must drop a registered course from within the term, the following policies are applicable:

  • If due to unforeseen circumstances a student will be out of school longer than the expected 45 days, please refer to paragraph below on the Leave of Absence (LOA) policy.
  • Course dropped prior to first class meeting:
    • Will be refunded at 100%
    • Financial Aid may be adjusted according to R2T4 government calculations based on the days of attendance and number of net billed hours
    • Course will be dropped from the student’s transcript (no records)
    • No Drop Fee is assessed
    • To avoid being subject to complete administrative withdrawal from the university, the student must provide in writing, or via their Judson email address, their intention to begin classes again within 45 days of dropping any course from within the current academic term (please refer to paragraph below on Leave of Absence (LOA) policy)
  • Courses dropped after the first class meeting:
    • Financial Aid may be adjusted according to R2T4 government calculations based on the days of attendance and number of net billed hours
    • No tuition refund will be issued
    • Course will remain on the student’s transcript as:
      • Dropped prior to second meeting: "W" (withdraw)
      • Dropped prior to fourth class meeting: "WP" or "WF" (withdraw pass or fail)
      • Dropped after fourth class meeting: "WF" (withdraw fail)
    • A per course $30 Drop Fee will be assessed

Dropped classes may be rescheduled and will be billed at the credit hour rate in effect at the time the course is taken. Students should contact their Academic Advisor to adjust their schedule.

Leave of Absence Policy 

The Leave of Absence (LOA) policy for the Master of Business Informatics program is designed to provide flexibility to students who may need to temporarily interrupt their studies. This policy allows students to take a break from the program for up to two consecutive terms and then return to continue their studies.  


To qualify for a leave of absence, students must meet the following criteria:  

a. The student must have paid their current tuition bill in full before the start of the leave period.  

b. The student must be in good academic standing, with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher at the time of the LOA request.  

Duration and Notification  

a. A leave of absence may be taken for a maximum of two consecutive terms.  

b. Students must submit a written request for a leave of absence to the program's administration office at least one month prior to the start of the term in which the LOA will begin.  

c. The request should include the intended start and end dates of the leave period, along with any relevant supporting documentation.  

Effect on Program Progress  

a. While on leave, students will not be required to register for courses or pay tuition fees for the specified term(s). The leave period will not count towards the maximum duration allowed for program completion. 

 b. Students on leave will retain their student status and will be able to resume their studies at the end of the leave period without reapplying to the program.  

c. Students are responsible for planning their course schedules and ensuring that they can meet program requirements upon their return. It is recommended that students consult with their academic advisor before taking a leave of absence.  

Financial Implications  

During the leave period, students will not be billed for tuition fees or any other program-related expenses. However, students on leave may be subject to any applicable administrative fees or charges as determined by the university's financial policies.  

Return from Leave  

a. At the end of the approved leave period, students must notify the program's administration office of their intention to return and resume their studies. 

 b. Students returning from a leave of absence will be required to meet all the program's academic and administrative requirements in effect at the time of their return.  

c. The student's previous academic progress and completed coursework will be recognized, and they will be given the opportunity to continue their studies based on the program's curriculum and course availability.  

Impact on F1 Student Visa  

International students on an F1 visa must be aware that taking a leave of absence may have implications for their visa status. It is the student's responsibility to consult with the designated international student advisor or the university's international student office to understand the specific regulations and requirements related to F1 visa maintenance during a leave of absence. 

Students on an F1 visa must ensure that they comply with all the necessary procedures and obtain any required documentation or endorsements from the university or immigration authorities before taking a leave of absence. Failure to comply with F1 visa regulations during a leave of absence may result in visa complications, including potential impacts on re-entry to the United States or eligibility for Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT) opportunities.

Complete Withdrawal from the University

Students that choose to withdraw completely from the University must file the appropriate form(s) with their Academic Advisor to establish the official date of withdrawal from all registered courses in both the current term and future academic terms not yet billed. Courses will be refunded according to the schedule above.