Mission, Goals, and Objectives


Judson is an evangelical Christian university that represents the Church at work in higher education, equipping students to be fully developed, responsible persons who glorify God by the quality of their personal relationships, their work, and their citizenship within the community, the nation, and the world. Through a broadly based education in the liberal arts, sciences, and professions, the university enables its students to acquire ideas and concepts that sharpen their insights, develop skills appropriate to their career goals, and develop the skills and commitment for lifelong learning. The Judson community experience challenges graduates to be decisive leaders and active participants in church and society, articulate proponents of Biblical Christianity, persuasive advocates for the sovereignty of God over all life, and effective ambassadors for Christ.

Educational Goals

At Judson University we seek to offer a diverse learning experience that infuses the Christian faith, investigates significant questions of life, and integrates an individual’s sense of purpose.

educational goals displayed at points of triangle; showing the connection between Faith, Purpose, and Academics at Judson

Members of the Judson University community will encounter the Christian faith through critical and disciplined interaction with God’s word and God’s world. Rigorous engagement with the Christian faith and its implications for life, work, and learning equips us to become ethical and redemptive servants, leaders, and stewards.

Members of the Judson University community will pursue academic formation by developing valuable practical and intellectual skills (e.g., expertise in major/field, critical and creative thinking, information literacy, integrative learning, and effective communication), connecting all areas of study in a variety of ways, and practicing the capacity to contribute to our communities.

Members of the Judson University community will bear witness to each other’s search for purpose. We are created in God’s image and therefore possess gifts and interests that may be cultivated in disciplinary study leading to meaningful work, the well-being of individuals, and the flourishing of communities.

Operational Objectives

  • Judson will be a Christ-centered community that cares.
  • The total Judson community will minister to the whole student, addressing academic, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs in a multicultural and multinational environment.
  • Judson will deliver Christ-honoring professional service in all operations to all stakeholders.
  • Judson faculty and staff will be spiritually maturing Christians who minister through learning, facilitating, mentoring, and advising.
  • Learner-centered education in the liberal arts and sciences will undergird all programs.
  • Judson will be financially healthy.
  • The university will embrace growth in student populations and programs through ongoing strategic planning and assessment.

Student Outcomes

Like any educational institution, Judson University includes students of varying degrees of preparedness, motivation and discipline. This being the case, there will be a variety of student outcomes. Indeed, no college or university can guarantee equality of outcome, but it can do everything in its power to ensure equality of opportunity. Our goal is to provide the finest Christian liberal arts education possible. However, it is up to the individual student to show initiative and take ultimate responsibility for his or her education.