Doctor of Education in Leadership and Policy Studies Admissions

The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program at Judson University graduates exemplary leaders who are prepared to make substantial contributions to the educational profession as writers, speakers, administrators, and researchers. This doctoral program is designed for professionals seeking a deeper understanding of the powerful role leadership plays in the lives of all educational leaders. Throughout the course of study, doctoral students are immersed in a collaborative culture that is purposefully designed to enhance their scholarly abilities. Applicants to the program must have three years of acceptable professional experience.


Admission to the program is open to qualified applicants who successfully progress through a tiered enrollment process designed to identify the strongest candidates for doctoral study at Judson University.

Tier I

Applicants submit a complete application packet. Upon a favorable review, applicants will advance to Tier II in the admissions process.

Tier II

Applicants will be invited to interview with members of the Doctoral Admissions Committee and to provide a live writing sample. Upon a favorable recommendation from the committee, applicants will advance to Tier III in the admissions process.

Tier III

Applicants will be invited to prepare and deliver a brief presentation on a literacy-related topic for members of the Doctoral Admissions Committee.


Decisions regarding admission are determined by the Doctoral Admissions Committee in consultation with the program directors. A candidate's performance in all Tiers of admission will be considered in the committee's final decision. Applicants will receive notification of their status once a complete application packet has been received. Questions regarding application status may be directed to the administrative assistant for Graduate Programs in Education by calling 874-628-1105. Note: Application packets that are not complete will not be reviewed.