Student Development

Student Life

The Student Development department at Judson University oversees many of the traditional undergraduate student services of the campus community. These include Community Standards; the Judson Student Organization (JSO); Housing; Integration of Faith,  Learning and Life; Residence Life; Student Activities; and Welcome Weekend.

Student Life Mission, Vision, and Values

Student Life Vision

Student Life is a community that intentionally seeks to lead students in Christ-like transformation as we encourage their pursuit of academic excellence.

Student Life Mission

With Christ at the center, it is our mission in Student Life to build transformational relationships in which students are developed holistically, resulting in God-honoring, globally-minded, responsible persons.

Student Life Values

Passionate Faithfulness

The staff will serve God with all their heart, mind, body and soul and model a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Spiritual Growth

We will make available multiple options for students to grow in their faith, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. These may include relational mentoring, chapel, small groups, workshops, retreats, meetings, and other venues.

Servant Leadership

Staff will lead by putting others’ needs first without compromising integrity, authority, or student safety. At the same time, they will be compassionate and show grace when warranted.

Academic Support

We will provide necessary programs to students who need tutoring, mentoring, counseling, or other personal, spiritual, and academic needs.

Campus Collaboration and Communication

Student Life will communicate with all areas of the campus to continue to embody the mission of Judson University. We understand that the decisions we make affect not only our area, but all areas. We strive to develop strong partnerships with the campus and work in tandem with them.

Global Engagement

We will encourage and develop student, staff, and faculty connections with others in our global community through mission trips, chapel presentations and speakers, campus-wide initiatives, small groups and other means that become available to us.