Master of Education Attendance Policy

Attendance is an important component which influences the quality of education at any level of study; however, in an accelerated degree program it is paramount. One of the key benefits of the Master of Education in Literacy Program is degree completion in approximately one year; one of the drawbacks is that this benefit necessitates a strict attendance policy that is adhered to by each professor. Late arrival to class is not acceptable with obvious exceptions being made for unavoidable circumstances. An evident pattern of late arrival will be addressed by the Program Director.

To graduate from this degree program, students must have attended 95% of their classes. This allows for only four absences throughout the entire program, and even those absences must fall within specific parameters:

  • No absences are allowed from two-hour courses because these courses only meet on five/six occasions.
  • One absence is permitted from a three-hour course. Two absences from the same three-hour course will result in the final grade being lowered by one letter grade.
  • Arriving late for class twice within the same course will equal an absence.

A student who misses more than four class sessions throughout the entire program will, under most circumstances, be automatically withdrawn from the program.

Appeals may be made to the Program Director with regard to unusual or extenuating circumstances which impact attendance.

Communication Policy

The primary method of communication between graduate students and the University will be through the Judson University e-mail accounts.

While enrolled in the Master of Education in Literacy program, students have the responsibility to check their Judson University e-mail accounts daily for timely and important communication that may be sent from the Program Director, professors teaching in the program, or offices of the university.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify their instructor(s) and the Program Chair of any absences, and to provide documentation supporting any medical leave. The Program Chair will then notify the Academic Advisor, and Registrar as appropriate.

Students admitted to and entering the Master of Education in Literacy program must accept full responsibility for consequences resulting from a failure to regularly read and respond to e-mails related to coursework or university obligations. Graduate students experiencing difficulty in using a Judson University e-mail account should notify the IT Help Desk (847) 628-5040