Worship Arts (DCW)

DCW101  Introduction to the Community ofWorship Performers  (0.5 course hours)  

This course serves as an introduction to goals and values of the Demoss Center for Worship in the Performing Arts for its incoming students.

Course offered: FALL  
DCW121  CYT Practicum  (1-3 course hours)  

This course serves as a Practicum experience. The student will serve in a theatrical leadership position in the ministry of Christian Youth Theater. Students can serve as Directors, Choreographers, Vocal Directors, Teachers, Camp Leaders, Interns, Judson Summer Camp Participant or Set Designer/Builders. Students are required to keep a time log, write a 2-page Reflection paper and write two 3-page summaries of the book, The Unquenchable Worshipper.

Current Judson students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0; High School students must be Prep Program CYT participants (DCWPA), and must be Juniors or Seniors  
Course offered: SEM  
DCW301  Reflecting on the Conversation  (1 course hour)  

This course will further expose candidates to current topics related to their future as communicators, performers, and/or worship leaders. Students will reflect upon the issues presented and determine applications to their own teaching. In addition, candidates will reflect upon how their Judson experiences are shaping them as individuals and educators within various communities and cultures related to communication, performing, and leading worship.

Fulfills: GEN301 Equivalent  
Course offered: FALL