Leadership (LDB)

LDB105  Foundations of Adult Learning  (3 course hours)  

This course is specifically designed for Associate of Arts students to enable them to identify the academic professional, and personal skills they bring to the learning experience and to integrate a variety of strategies and tools for lifelong learning in all areas of their lives. The course assists individuals in balancing academics, professional, family, and spiritual demands by building effective live habits.

LDB301  Academic and Interpersonal Effectiveness  (3 course hours)  

This course enables students to identify the interpersonal and academic skills which they bring to the learning experience, as well as develop lifelong learning tools for personal and professional development.

Students must have earned a minimum of 40 credits or recieved permission of Program Chair to enroll in this course.  
LDB481  Faith and Life Issues  (3 course hours)  

This course provides an opportunity to develop an integrated understanding of Biblical and other faith-oriented worldviews, with the implications and applications of these understandings to all dimensions of contemporary life.

Pre-requisites: LDB301