Transfer Policies

Transfer students must submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended to the Judson University Registrar. Students transferring courses from institutions outside of the U.S. must first submit the transcripts to the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) or a NACES member organization for evaluation. To find out what official documents to send please visit their website, and carefully review the document and fee requirements. International student athletes may also submit transcripts to InCred for review. To obtain additional information please visit InCred directly.

Evaluated transcripts should be sent by the organization directly to Judson University. Credit hours listed on personal and/or unofficial transcripts will not be counted towards graduation.

Institutional credit not disclosed during the application process will not be reviewed or awarded credit if it is not received by the end of the first course taken at Judson. Upon matriculation, a transfer student has one semester to appeal any course evaluation. A written letter of appeal containing the course description and syllabi must be submitted to the Registrar for additional review.

Most college level courses earning a grade of C- or better will transfer from a regionally accredited college and/or university. Courses taken through an unaccredited college will be reviewed by the Registrar. Remedial courses and courses which are vocational or technical in nature may not transfer. The University reserves the right to accept only courses that are equivalent in content and objectives to those offered at Judson. Grades from transfer courses are calculated in the summary GPA.

Some programs may have additional transfer policies, and specific course equivalencies and credit limits may vary. Questions regarding transfer policies may be directed to the Registrar's Office.

Students who have matriculated to Judson University must complete a Transfer Course Approval Form, which can be found on the Student Info tab in MyJudson, and supply copies of course descriptions for any course(s) for which they are seeking approval. The Registrar's Office will review all requests, and notify the student if it is approved. All students must secure approval before registering for a course at another institution. This procedure is for the student's protection; failure to follow the procedure will result in non-transferable credit.

Alternative credit, such as AP, CLEP, DSST and military coursework, among others, may be used to fulfill degree requirements at Judson. Additional policies can be found in the Alternative Credit and Special Course Arrangement section of the catalog.