Judson Prep

The Judson Prep program allows high school junior or senior students to earn up to a total of 24 hours of college credit and, in most cases, allows students to earn high school credit at the same time. This program is a privilege exclusively for students who meet the criteria below.


Deadline dates are August 1 for fall and December 1 for spring enrollment. All registrations must be processed before the first day of class for each term.

In order for a student to be admitted to the Prep Program, he/she must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Complete and send in an application for admission. The application fee will be waived for prep program students.
  • Complete at least four (4) semesters of high school. The student must be at a junior or senior level in high school.
  • The student must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 and must be in the upper 10% of their class.
  • Submit official High School transcript and official college transcript (if applicable).
  • The student must be 16 years of age at the start of the desired semester (Fall or Spring).
  • Sign the Judson University Lifestyle Statement.
  • Submit official ACT/SAT scores (if available). Scores can be ordered through ACT at https://www.act.org. If a student has not taken the ACT/SAT and plans on taking math, the student may request to take Judson University's math placement test. ACT/SAT scores are required for English placement.

Prep Program students can take a variety of 100 and 200 level courses (some courses require instructor approval or have prerequisites). Available courses may be viewed on the Course Offerings tab in MyJudson. The Prep Program Coordinator will help students choose courses after they are accepted into the program.

Financial Information

Please go to the Financial Information section of the catalog to view costs and due dates associated with this program. (Charges are subject to change.) Students will also be responsible for any fees associated with their courses and the cost of books. No scholarships or financial aid is available for the Prep Program.

Contact Information

Requests for admission or questions regarding the Prep Program should be directed to Kamryn Malenius, at 847-628-2519 or kamryn.malenius@judsonu.edu.