RISE Person-Centered Planning (RPC)

RPC014  Career Exploration and Self Discovery  (2 course hours)  

Students in this course will learn about their career interests and gain awareness of self. In this course, students will learn about different careers and the training and skills in order to succeed in those careers. Students will participate in on-campus job shadowing experiences related to their career interests and choose a Subject Area Concentration.

Co-requisites: RPS014  
Course offered: FALL  
RPC042  Transition to Independence  (2 course hours)  

This course will equip students to transition into independence after graduation. Students will think critically and develop a transition plan focusing on employment goals and housing opportunities.

Pre-requisites: RPC014 RPS034  
Course offered: SPR  
RPC051  Mastering Independent Living I Independent Living Basics  (2 course hours)  

This course is designed to re-introduce and expand students knowledge about topics that were covered in RISE Independent Living and Personal Finance courses. Specific emphasis is on setting and managing a budget and spending money wisely. The course also focuses on Biblical principles of managing money. Students will be encouraged to think about his/her own personal situation while completing assignments. Prerequisites: RISE Program graduate

Pre-requisites: RPC042  
Course offered: FALL  
RPC052  Mastering Independent Living II Practicums  (2 course hours)  

In this course, students will be guided through a series of hand-on practicums to better prepare for healthful living in an apartment in the community. Specific practicums include meal planning, grocery shopping, setting up an exercise/fitness regimen and the impact of good health in other aspects of independent living (insurance costs, doctor appointments, discretionary time, etc.). The goal is to give students practical experience so that s/he can determine his/her preparedness for healthy, independent living outside of a parent/guardian home. Prerequisites: RISE Program graduate; RPC051

Pre-requisites: RPC051  
Course offered: SPRI