Music Performance Piano Minor

Minor Requirements

Music Core 1
MUS151Music Theory I3
MUS153Ear Training/Sight Singing I1
MUS154Ear Training/Sight Singing II1
MUS224Intro to Music Technology2
MUS243Piano Literature3
MUS456Piano Pedagogy3
Private Piano Lessons
MUS102Priv Piano Instr., Credit 28
Ensemble Participation
Select 2 hours using any combination of the following ensembles: 32
Chamber Music Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble
Chamber Singers
University Choir
Junior Recital
MUS471Junior Recital0
Total Hours24

Non-Music majors are strongly encouraged to also take MUS152 Music Theory II (3 c.h.).


Students should repeat MUS102 Priv Piano Instr., Credit (1-2 c.h.) each semester they are enrolled, for a total of 8 credits.


4 hours recommended