Academic Calendar

Judson Traditional academic years consist of three terms:

  • Fall (August 1 to December 31)
  • Spring (January 1 to early May)
  • Summer (mid-May to July 31)

Judson Non-Traditional (also called Non-Standard) academic years consist of two terms:

  • Fall (mid-September to mid-March)
  • Spring (mid-March to mid-September)

Judson University Projected Calendar

Note: The dates provided below may not apply to all programs. Refer to the Academic Advisor or Program Chair with questions.

Download the Traditional 2021-2024 Academic Calendar

Traditional Calendar

Fall Semester (FAL) 2022-2023

Event Date
Fall Payment due in full 8/1
New Faculty Workshop 8/15
Faculty Workshop 8/16-8/17
Traditional (non-athlete) Student Move-In 8/18
Welcome Weekend/Registration 8/18-8/21
Registration Closes: Last day to add/drop with no record 8/21
Fall Semester Begins 8/22
Homecoming and Family Weekend 9/22-9/24
Fall Break: No Classes 10/17
Midterm Grades Due 10/19
Founders' Day 10/21
Fall Board Meetings 10/21-10/22
Last day to withdraw with "W" 10/28
Thanksgiving Break: Campus Closed 11/23-11/25
Final Exams 12/6-12/9
End of Semester 12/9
Fall Commencement 12/10
Final Grades Due 12/14
Christmas Break: Campus Closed 12/19-12/30
Spring Payment due in full 1/1

Spring Semester (SPR) 2022-2023

Event Date
Orientation 1/10
Registration Closes: Last day to add/drop with no record 1/10
Spring Semester Begins 1/11
Board Retreat 2/9-2/11
Spring Break: No Classes 3/6-3/10
Midterm Grades Due 3/9
Last day to withdraw with "W" 3/17
Advising/Registration Graduate/Seniors 3/13-3/17
Advising/Registration Juniors 3/20-3/24
Advising/Registration Sophomore 3/27-3/31
Advising/Registration Freshmen 4/3-4/7
Summer Payment due in full 4/24
Easter Break: Campus Closed 4/7-4/10
Final Exams 5/2-5/5
End of Semester 5/5
Spring Commencement 5/6
Final Grades Due 5/10
Spring Board Meeting 5/11-5/12
Faculty Workshop 5/15

Summer Term (SUM) 2022-2023

Event Date
Summer 3 Week 5/8-5/26
Summer 3 Week Grades Due 5/31
Memorial Day: Campus Closed 5/29
Independence Day: Campus Closed 7/4
All other summer courses 5/8-7/31
All other summer Grades Due 8/2

Non-Traditional Calendar

Fall Term (FAL) 2022-2023

Event Date
Start of Term 9/12
Thanksgiving: Courses Online 11/23-11/25
Christmas Break: Campus Closed 12/19-12/30
End of Term 3/10

Spring Term (SPR) 2022-2023

Event Date
Start of Term 3/13
Easter: Courses Online 4/10
Memorial Day: Courses Online 5/59
Independence Day: Courses Online 7/4
End of Term 8/25