Traditional Attendance Policy

These policies apply to traditional undergraduate programs, as well as the Master of Architecture program.

Faculty are to report anticipated absences from their teaching responsibilities to the appropriate Chair, the Registrar, the Associate Provost of Curriculum, and the Office of the Provost.

Class attendance and participation by students are expected. However, class attendance policies are generally within the discretion of the individual professor. Instructors should announce the attendance policy to classes at the beginning of each course and include details in the course syllabi.

Attendance is to be taken at each class session for the first week of the traditional term. Faculty should submit a final grade of AWF for any student who misses class during this timeframe. This information is needed to fulfill responsibilities in counseling and to cooperate with such agencies as the Veterans Administration and Department of Education.

During the remainder of the term, students are expected to abide by the policies provided in their syllabi, and instructors should submit final grades of F for students who exceed their allowed absences. When faculty are the first to become aware that a student's absence is due to hospitalization or a major illness, they are requested to report this to the Registrar's Office.

Attendance and Course Work Policies for Students Representing Judson University at University Approved Events

Education is expected to be every student's highest priority while attending Judson University. It is recognized, however, that at times student participation in any event representing the University may entail an unavoidable conflict with a scheduled class or class activity. Such student representatives include, but are not limited to, intercollegiate athletes and students performing with an official Judson University music group or theatre production. In these cases it is the student's responsibility (within the stated policies of the course) to arrange to complete the material or assignments due for the missed class. The following policies apply to students who are recognized by the Associate Provost/Chair as representing the University:

  • A Judson University student representative [henceforth "student"] absence is defined as a performance event approved by the Associate Provost/Chair.
  • Students are required to turn in assignments prior to class absences. They are not allowed to miss a scheduled class in order to participate in a practice, scrimmage game, or rehearsal.
  • Absences due to an approved event do not count against absences allowed by the instructor's class attendance policy. If absences for approved events will exceed the absences allowed, the student should not be penalized specifically for these absences. Students must still arrange to complete the work (or its equivalent as determined by the instructor). Students are strongly advised to review their event and course schedule at the start of each semester to identify potential conflicts and ensure that their courses can be successfully completed, given each instructor's policy.
  • When an approved event conflicts with a special class event included in the course syllabus (such as a field trip), the student needs to confer with the faculty member about the possibility of an alternate assignment.
  • If an exam is scheduled during the time that the student will miss class due to participation in an approved event, students must notify their professor as soon as they are aware of the scheduling conflict and arrange to take the exam.
  • Event sponsors will send lists of approved events with departure times and a list of students participating to faculty at least one week in advance. All team schedules are also posted on the website.
  • No athlete may participate or travel with the team to more than two weekday play dates a week away from campus, with the exclusion of vacation and post-season games.

Off-Campus Extension Trips and Academic Conferences

Field trips, choir tours, art tours, off-campus athletic events, and other off campus trips such as conventions and workshops must be planned with discretion as to time and number, and they must be approved in advance by the Associate Provost. A University sponsored group of more than 10 persons shall not be absent from classes more than three days in a semester or during the first week or the final two weeks of a semester. Any trip requiring more than one day's absence from campus must be announced before the beginning of the semester. An electronic list of participating students and their identification numbers should be sent to the Office of the Provost. (6/2011)

Communication Responsibility

Purpose: The intent of the Communication Plan is to assist students to advocate for their absences (scheduled or unscheduled). Formal communication from any department regarding a student’s absence will be limited and does not suggest that the student is excused. We encourage faculty and staff to follow their own syllabus and/or procedures when validating information. Additionally, when appropriate, students will need to provide documentation supporting their absence.

Field Trips/Faculty Scheduled Events: Upon approval from the Associate Provost of Academic Curriculum, communication via the Field Trip Notification Distribution List will be provided to faculty.

Games: Athletic Designee will contact all faculty members, Registrar, and Director of First Year Experience and Persistency.

Special Accommodations: The student is responsible to make this request known to the Dean of Student Academic Support Services (ADA/504 Compliance Coordinator).

Family Emergency: The student is responsible for informing professors and contacting the Dean of Student Life and Leadership. If there is a family emergency, staff/faculty will submit a retention referral. The student will be responsible for contacting their faculty to discuss a transition plan prior to returning to class.

Illness or Scheduled Hospitalization: 1 The student is responsible for informing professors and others (if applicable) of illness or scheduled hospitalization. Upon return to class, the student is responsible for submitting a doctor’s note acknowledging that the student can resume studies.

Emergency Hospitalization (Medical or Psychiatric):

If Hospitalization Occurs from Campus: 2 The Wellness Center will inform the Dean of Student Life and the student’s professors/coach (if applicable) and communicate that the student is out due to medical leave. Guardians will be notified if verbal consent is provided by student. Designated emergency contact will be notified if a release is on file. Upon discharge from the hospital, students will be required to meet with their faculty and develop a transition plan for studies.

If Hospitalization Occurs Off Campus: Students will be required to meet with their professor upon discharge to develop a plan for studies; supporting documentation will be required to return to studies. It is strongly encouraged that students have a designated contact that will inform the Wellness Center (x2464) of hospitalization for the communication plan to initiate.

Mental and Emotional Health: If counseling services are desired, the student can request counseling services at the Wellness Center (x2464). Release of Information for faculty and staff will allow communication between wellness professionals and identified supports.

COVID-19: If the student is ill, Campus Health Coordinator will email out to faculty that the student is in quarantine for 10-14 days. After 10-14 days, the student needs to be cleared by the Campus Health Coordinator to resume classes.

Removal From Class Due to Policy: The Dean of Student Life and Leadership will email the student's professors, Registrar, advisor, Director of First Year Experience and Persistency, Director of Housing, Campus Health Coordinator, and coach (if applicable).


Student must submit doctor’s note to Faculty releasing student to resume studies.


If Emergency Hospitalization occurs over the weekend, the RD will communicate out to the Dean of Student Life. Student will need doctor’s note to resume studies.